College’s Best Kept Secret: The College Placement Tests

This is a time to celebrate the acceptance letter(s), weigh in the financial aid packet(s), and decide on the college that you’d like to attend this fall. Before we go any further let me congratulate you on your acceptance. While the focus now is on enjoying the senior year of high school, the prom, and spending as much time as possible with your high school friends, please know that there is one more thing you need to pay close attention to. It has everything to do with high school and everything to do with college. It’s the college placement test and it’s one of the best kept secrets in higher education. The college placement test is administered by the vast majority of institutions (colleges/universities) to a large portion of the incoming freshmen class.

Studies have found that the majority of high school graduates are not prepared for the rigors of college work or what is commonly referred to as college ready. About 75 percent of the colleges and universities test their incoming freshman to determine if they are ready for college level courses. This is the part where you’ll probably say, but I have a decent SAT score and a good high school GPA so I don’t need to be tested.

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